Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Thoughts on the comment to my previous blog

Although I appreciate comments on my blogs, I didn't expect a comment that could've been published as a blog courtesy of my brother a.k.a. The Bull. As an addendum to my previous blog, I must admit that I, too, had quite the cheering section at both my high school and college graduations. Was it because my cheering section was expecting me to graduate at the head of my class with high honors? Definitely not. They showed up because I was an overcomer. I overcame the distractions that come with high school life - picking on new kids, breaking rules, scrubbing floors, etc., and college life - sunny days, basketball, laziness, lack of motivation, sunny days, etc. I overcame the transportation barrier - finally owning my first car when I graduated from college. I overcame the finance barrier - not having any cash during the school year put a kink in things sometimes. Will I make an impact on the world before my time is up? Time will tell. Can I answer one more question that I pose to myself? A resounding YES!!


Anonymous The Bull said...

Yes, and I believe I have a blog spot. Not being put to use. Shame shame shame.

10:04 AM  

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